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NATURAL FARMING is growing food in ways that most closely resemble how food grows in the wild. This approach improves the health of the ecosystem, the quality and yields of plants and animals produced, while lowering the energy inputs by people (labor and machinery) as many organic processes are turned back over to Natural Systems.

KOREAN NATURAL FARMING is a unique approach to Natural Farming featuring two Fundamentals:

  1. Soil Foundation utilizing local microbial ecology (IMO)

  2. Directing Growth with Biochemistry using the Nutritive Cycle

Both the Soil Microbiology and Nutritive Cycle are developed and maintained with materials found on or near the farm.


  1. Utilizing local materials and employing Natural biological processes lead to low costs and less labor, physical and mechanical. Local materials also means no broken supply chains leading to much greater food security.

  2. Growing food in a balanced ecosystem means pests and disease are balanced with healthy biology, minimizing problems from pests and disease. A healthy ecosystem will grow higher yields of food, food that is bigger, better, and tastier, as plants and animals begin reaching their genetic potential. Food becomes medicine.

  3. Natural Farming techniques can be adapted in any growing climate, and in any size operation from small home gardens to large commercial operations.


  1. Homesteaders and Home gardeners

  2. Commercial growers and Livestock producers

  3. Growers wanting to restore or build soil, or overcome other adverse conditions

FERMENTED FARM is your best source for information and consulting on Natural Farming, Korean Natural Farming, Regenerative techniques, growing food, and food security.

The Founder is an Environmental Field Biology Researcher, Consultant, and Certified Master Cho instructor, with decades of experience. Sherri has a unique way of simplifying and explaining. Food sovereignty and food security are her path to improving live on Planet Earth.



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