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Bio Sherri A Miller

Sherri is adventurous and likes to live in places that look like a setting in a National Geographic documentary. She has been an Environmental Field Biologist and Research Consultant (since 1991), including work in marine research and as a scientific diver.


She was on the Scuba team that designated the marine environment surrounding Kilauea Lighthouse on Kauai the first Marine Sanctuary.


She has worked on Environmental Impact Statements and Assessments, and written papers for the University of Hawaii, including a series she co-wrote about Natural Farming for the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources CTAHR, University of Hawaii.


She graduated with degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Marine Studies.


Sherri has been studying and growing food, crops, and livestock since the 1960s. She was a commercial Specialty Tea Grower, hand-rolling her tea.


She has extensive experience in business, entrepreneurship, marketing, public speaking, and writing. At age 12, she ran her first business and later built a multi-store retail and online business, starting with nothing more than twins in diapers.


She ran a commercial tea garden, which she started as an organic operation, but switched to Korean Natural Farming after meeting Master Cho. Her homestead, Moonrise Tea Garden, focused on the production of tea, herbs, spices, and eggs, with many diverse crops and animals. Her Hand Rolled Tea was highly sought after. All this on the slopes of a dormant Hawaiian volcano within site of the active vent of one of the most active volcanos in the world.


She pushed for many years to protect Hawaiian Ecology and develop Food Sovereignty for the islands. As a Master Gardener, she helped many home gardeners and learned to hone her diagnostic skills. As a Cho-certified instructor of Korean Natural Farming, she has been teaching Natural Farming Technology to agricultural professionals, academics, home gardeners, and homesteaders. 


She is currently living off grid in the backwaters of the South Pacific, working with and learning from sustenance farmers.

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