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Benefits of a Liberty Garden


In the past governments advocated every family to grow their own food. In times of war during the early 1900s they were called Victory Gardens. Governments no longer advocate home gardens. In fact in many places they are making it more difficult to grow your own food by outlawing chickens and catching your own rainwater.

Liberty is the power or scope to act as one pleases. A Liberty Garden, like the Victory Gardens of old, offers the ability produce your own fresh, healthy food. It offers freedom from supply chain issues, economic uncertainty, and the questionable nutrition and safety of the modern food system.

A Liberty Garden changes people from consumers to producers. The goals are to produce as much good food as possible and include as much dietary diversity as possible, spending little to no money, and cycling any wastes back into the garden.

The goals of the Liberty Garden are:

· Produce as much food as possible to support your family

· Spend zero money $0 to produce food (or get as close to $0 as possible)

· Do not consume (use local materials instead)

· Create zero waste (recycle materials back into the garden)

Following these goals will lead to:

· Food security & food sovereignty

· Increase health of people, animals, and the environment

· Develop community

Create a space that operates in a circle. Eliminate outside inputs (buying stuff) and extractive practices (throwing things away). Everything gets cycled through the Garden.

Cooperating with neighbors offers more resiliency for the community and for individual families. Working with neighbors may be one of the most valuable benefits of the Liberty Garden.

There are many methods to achieve food security at a home garden level. Start with the easy things first so that you start with success and confidence. Failures will provide knowledge about what not to do. As you build your confidence and learn from things that don’t work you will be able to grow more and better food for your family.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that you have the abilities to provide food for your family from your own yard. Enjoy the security of a Liberty Garden!

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