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Call to Start a Liberty Garden

Updated: Apr 14, 2022



We live in uncertain times. We have supply chain issues, shortages, rising prices, pandemics, natural disasters, and war. During wartime the Homefront started growing Victory Gardens. The more food people at home could grow, the more resources could be devoted to the war effort. The Victory Garden not only fed your family, it helped to save the world from evil tyrants and genocide.

Victory Gardens greatly enhanced the lives of people suffering during war, and back then governments actively promoted the idea of people growing their own food. Governments no longer promote the home garden. In fact in many places it is discouraged, even illegal.

Yet the survival of humanity in grave danger today, perhaps more than ever before. It is time for people to take back their power. And since we all eat every day, growing our own food can give us a great deal of control over our lives in these uncertain times. Growing your own food is an act of liberation.

Liberty is the state of liberation. Broadly speaking, liberty is the ability to do as one pleases.

A home garden offers liberty, it offers freedom.

Every calorie of food you buy is one that someone else has made a profit from, and one that is shipped (costing you more money and profiting shippers and middlemen).

Every calorie you grow is one that you did not have to spend money on. The profits (as food income and as less money spent) go you and your family. Yes it might take a little cash to start a garden but the costs will be far less than buying food someone else grows.

A packet of seeds may cost $3 yet can produce $100s worth of food. Not only will home grown food cost much less, it will be fresher, healthier, and taste amazingly better.


Much like the Victory Gardens of the early 1900s, a Liberty Garden is a way for families to provide for themselves and depend less on the outside world. It offers freedom. The focus of the Liberty Garden is to produce food without depending on outside sources. When food is grown with inputs made from materials on or near home, families become food producers rather than consumers.

Increasingly things like seeds will be harder to come by. Fertilizer costs are rising dramatically and becoming less available. The sooner you can start growing your own food the less these problems will impact you.

In addition to avoiding any purchases to produce food, the Liberty Garden recycles wastes. Wastes can be recycled using composting and by using animals, like a couple of chickens, or a worm or bokashi bin. These wastes are turned into resources to grow more food. Avoid buying anything that produces wastes that cannot be reused or recycled at home.


Home food production works best when neighbors cooperate. An apple tree, for example, tends to produce more food than a single family can consume. This can be shared with other neighbors. They in turn can offer you the extra plums from their tree, or excess tomatoes and zucchini.

Nothing brings people together better than food. Neighbors can coordinate and grow different crops to expand the diversity of food available. Neighbors can share seeds and planting materials saving everyone money.

There are many funny memes about ways to get rid of extra zucchini, like ring the doorbell and run, but in the Liberty Garden excess produce is desirable. It should be shared with neighbors, preserved, and fed to animals.

While a single household would have trouble producing all the food they need, a neighborhood working together can support a community. Self-sufficiency is an ideal that cannot be reached. It takes a village…or a neighborhood.

You don’t need to have the same views as your neighbors, you don’t even need to like them. You can still work together for the betterment and survival of your community. If everyone in your “village” has food, no one will be stealing food.

The enemy is not next door, but rather those that would enslave you to corporate food systems. Corporations are not interested in your security or health. The only goal of the corporatoracy is profit.

Rise up and take control of your personal sovereignty. Increase the security and safety of your neighborhood. Grow your own food. Plant a Liberty Garden!

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