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Which growing method is best for you? The answer is: it depends. What works for a friend, neighbor, or even a mentor, may not work for you. Each farm and garden has different conditions and challenges. Each grower has different goals, resources, and skills. Each year is a little bit different from the past.

The following process will help you decide.

1. What is your desired outcome? What are your goals?

2. Why is the specific outcome desired? What are your reasons?

3. Make a plan to get you to your goal.

Figure out WHAT specifically you want to grow. What are your goals? List them large and small. Once you have lists of what you want to grow then prioritize what is most important and what is something to try just for fun.

Knowing WHY will factor large in your decision-making process. The why can change both the what and the how. Focusing on why will get you where you want to be. Are you gardening to have fresh salad greens but have time restraints? Or are you interested in the process of playing with your hands in the soil and will be happy with whatever you are able to grow?

If you are more interested in the process, you might not mind techniques that take a little more work. However, if you have only a small amount of time to work in your garden you will want to use methods that take the least amount of labor.

The details will fall out of the process of knowing what you want to grow and why. Consider the constraints of space, time, labor required, climate and weather restrictions. See what methodologies work best for your goals and your constraints.

Happy gardening!

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While haphazard exploration has a place, gardens and the gardeners yield more with purpose and intent. Thanks for the gentle reminder.

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