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Plants for Advanced Uses in KNF Part 8

Other Growing Patterns

In the preceding sections we explored the patterns of growth based on the Nutritive Cycle, following the stage of growth, and what plant material to use as the life cycle progresses. But we can look at other plant patterns as well and find other uses for Fermented Plant Juice, FPJ inputs.

Root Patterns

If you are growing root crops keep in mind that fleshy root parts serve as energy storage and often reproduction. Some root crops have a flowering reproductive stage while others only reproduce from root structures, some have both.

If you are growing a root crop, understand how the root structures fit into its life cycle. Use the appropriate plant ferments just as you would for above ground crops, keeping the life cycle of the roots in mind. You can even use fermented juice ferments from roots structures directly.

Emergency Patterns

As mentioned above you can use plant material for different purposes besides following the Nutritive Cycle. I gave a fermented juice from a leggy vine to make my miracle berry bush to reach out and open up so it could avoid fungal problems and produce berries. Similarly, you can try a tender juicy input on a plant that is too hard and tough. You can try giving a plant with big leaves to a plant with leaves that are growing smaller than they should.

You are trying to put the pattern you see on this plant over here onto that plant over there. You do this by fermenting the juice of the plant pattern you want and giving it in a weekly sprinkle to the plant you want to change.

Master Cho taught us that we can make a rescue juice for a tree that is prematurely dropping fruit by taking the dark, hard fruit that falls prematurely, fermenting it, and giving it back to the plant dropping fruit. The FPJ yield will be extremely low but you only need a very little bit to rescue a plant in trouble. I have used this technique and the results were jaw dropping. Master Cho referred to this input as Black Fruit. I call it Rescue FPJ.

I also make an input I call Regrow FPJ. When you cut down a tree and it doesn’t want to die it will grow a flush of new shoots from the stump (not all trees do this of course, so use the ones that follow this pattern). While these shoots would be an appropriate candidate for a growth formula plant ferment, I save them for plants that are suffering and need to be revitalized, plants that need to re-grow. This is my Regrow Input.

Observe Nature and you will see other ways in which plant materials can be used in novel and helpful ways following the path of giving plants what you want them to do.

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