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So You Want to Grow Your Own Food



A Liberty Garden offers ways to increase your security and sovereignty by growing food rather than buying food that is more expensive and less healthy. It will provide for you when supply chains fail and inflation makes many food items unaffordable.

Much of the knowledge and skills needed to grow a Victory Garden were common in the early 1900s. Now a large part of the population doesn’t even know how to cook. The Western World has been taught to be, above all else, consumers.

Perhaps you have some of the skills you need to produce your own food. Perhaps you have none. These are skills that are not hard to learn.

A Liberty Garden fits well in a suburban backyard, a patio or balcony, a community garden or a homestead. You can even grow food indoors. You can learn to produce food with the resources available around you.

During the World Wars people learned how to make do with what they had on hand, and how to reuse and recycle what they did have. Before you look online to buy stuff, take inventory of what resources you have available. There are things you absolutely need to grow food.

1. Air (free)

2. Water (clean water, no chlorine or chloromides, or other toxins)

3. Sun – Light & Heat (use light fixture indoors)

4. Soil (except hydroponics, which uses water & can be done indoors)

5. Nutrients, Minerals (commonly known as fertilizers)

6. Plants and Seeds

Coming next is the details you need to grow food.

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