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How to start Natural Farming:
One Year Implementation Plan


It takes time for biology to become established and for you to learn to see patterns and how to use them. You are not learning a set of recipes. You are learning how to work in concert with Nature to grow food and build a healthy ecosystem for your life. You are learning how to let a little more wildness into your cultivated gardens, learning to embrace Nature.      Be Like Nature     #belikenature

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Give  yourself one year

It takes time to learn a new skill and it takes time for biology to become established. Inputs take time to brew. Good wine is not make in a day. Be patient. 


Start Small

Use a small space in your garden to learn before fully implementing everything everywhere. A house needs a foundation before you can build the walls and the roof. You need to learn skills and your garden needs biology. 



Start with the basics

A focus on the basics in the beginning will insure you understand how Natural Systems work. That way when something new happens you will know if it is good or bad and what to do about it. You will not find the answer online. The answer is in Nature.


Add garden space and advanced inputs over time

Over time you learn to see patterns and use them to grow food. You will learn the cycles of the moon and the solar year. The Nature in your garden and in your home will become more robust and healthy. You and your gardens will grow Naturally.

300 year old permaculture garden mele_edited.jpg
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